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Electric Scissor Lift for Hire

Electric Scissor Lift


As part of Aluminium Scaffold’s access equipment hire range, we have a range of electric scissor lift available for hire. With a wide range of heights available, from 4.5-11.8m Aluminium scaffolds has an electric scissor lift for hire to suit every need. Electric scissor lifts help give your worksite a height advantage while remaining quiet and increasing your uptime by not requiring fuelling. Additionally, with a reduction in hydraulic components, electric scissor lifts require less maintenance and reduce operating costs. With spacious and stable platforms, incorporated with a Load Sensing System, scissor lifts are perfect for housing workers that are doing installations and maintenance in hard to reach areas. More mobile and even less setup than our system scaffold available for hire, scissor lifts allow you to do small tasks requiring height access quicker and easier. Scissor lifts operate only in the horizontal direction, allowing you to reach your work on an extremely stable and weight resistant platform. Equipped with wheels for all lateral motion, scissor lifts are still mobile and quick to take down, adjust or move and set up again. Able to work indoors and outdoors scissor lifts are a piece of versatile access equipment that can improve your job site’s efficiency. However electric scissor lifts particularly shine in indoor environments, where the lack of exhaust keeps your worksites safe from toxic exhaust gases. Get an electric scissor lifts for hire today with Aluminium Scaffolds and tackle your future work with a height access platform you can trust.


  • Electric Scissor Lift – 4.5m
  • Electric Scissor Lift – 5.7m
  • Electric Scissor Lift – 7.6m
  • Electric Scissor Lift – 9.7m
  • Electric Scissor Lift – 11.8m